Christian Resources

YouVersion Bible App for iOS and Android

This free app is a must-have resource for Christians. It allows you to compare translations with ease, bookmark and highlight verses and passages, and sign up for daily Bible study plans. There is also daily guided prayers, videos, and more.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a free online resource that allows us to examine the scriptures in their original language, as well as most modern translations. You can easily research each verse using their interlinear/concordance feature which gives deep insight into the meaning of scripture. They also have images, videos and devotionals that will prove invaluable to the dedicated Bible student.

AoC (Ambassadors of Christ) Network

AoC Network is a creator of Christ-centered content. Rev. Jerren Lewis produces amazing videos that explore God's word in depth. Follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

King James Bible Online

Read the classic King James Version of the Holy Bible online, in either its standard text or the original 1611 version with archaic spellings. You can even view scans of each page from the first printing. Note that the books of the Apocrypha, which were included in the original 1611 printing of the KJV, are not regarded as canonical by most protestant denominations.

World English Bible
Read Online or Download PDF

The World English Bible, completed in 2000, is designed to be understood by the majority of English speakers worldwide. It is a modernized version of the American Standard Version published in 1901. The WEB is unique for its consistent use of God's divine name, Yahweh, anywhere that the tetragrammaton (YHWH / יהוה) appeared in the original text - usually translated as LORD in other versions. Note that the books of the Apocrypha, which are included in the WEB, are not regarded as canonical by most protestant denominations.

The World English Bible is in the public domain, which means it can be freely used, printed, published and distributed.

Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies

This online educational outreach ministry offers non-accredited Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees in theology, chaplaincy, and more. Their coursework can be accessed for free and serves as an excellent resource for Christian ministry. They only ask for a monetary contribution if you wish to actually be awarded the degree.